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The Research Behind Your Smart Phone

How smart would your phone be without university research? Check out this infographic from the Association of American Universities (AAU) to learn more about the research behind smart phones.

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Semiconductors by the Numbers

Semiconductor industry directly employs approximately a quarter of a million people in the United States.

The U.S. semiconductor industry supports more than 1 million additional American jobs. That’s 4.89 jobs supported for every one semiconductor job.

U.S. semiconductor companies invested $35 billion in research and development in 2014 -- the highest share of revenue of any U.S. industry.

In 2014 alone, there were roughly 71 billion semiconductors sold in the U.S. – about 200 chips for every American.   

The U.S. semiconductor industry accounted for 30 percent of all productivity gains due to innovation in the U.S. economy between 1960-2007. 

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