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Semiconductors Power the Modern World

Semiconductors enable the systems and products that we use to work, communicate, travel, entertain, harness energy, treat illness, make new scientific discoveries, and more.

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In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, the semiconductor industry is focused on ensuring the health and safety of its workers, contributing to the effort to combat the virus, and sustaining the continuity of the critical systems and technologies that underpin modern society.

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2019 SIA Factbook

You may already know that semiconductors make possible the global trillion dollar electronics industry. But did you know that worldwide sales have increased at a compound annual rate of almost 7 percent per year since 1998?

To find out more – including why it is critical for policymakers to enact measures that boost growth and promote innovation – download the 2019 SIA Factbook.

The U.S. semiconductor industry is the worldwide leader with nearly half of global market share.
The industry directly employs nearly 250,000 people in the U.S. and supports more than 1 million additional U.S. jobs.
Semiconductors are America's fourth-largest export after airplanes, refined oil, and crude oil.
The U.S. industry invests about one-fifth of revenue in R&D, among the most of any sector.

Who We Are

SIA is the voice of the semiconductor industry, one of America’s top export industries and a key driver of our economic strength, national security, and global competitiveness.

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