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Engaging in government affairs when you have a problem is too late. Successfully advocating for critical policy and regulatory changes that impact the semiconductor industry requires a sustained and thoughtful approach for maximum effectiveness. That is what SIA does. Think of us as your Washington office.

Not every company has the time or resources to support dedicated staff to  monitor, inform, and advocate for favorable policies and outcomes. Being a part of SIA gives you that access when you need it and the sustained advocacy where it counts the most, while leveraging the collective resources from the broader industry. 

SIA Success Factors:

  • Coalition of Competitors
  • Strong Partnerships
  • Effective Working Groups
  • CEO engagement

SIA is the channel leveraged by U.S. semiconductor companies to work collectively to advance the competitiveness of the U.S. industry. Through its national and international network of CEOs and working committees, SIA shapes public policy and provides a spectrum of services to help members grow their business.

SIA advocates and organizes industry action on:

  • Defining strategies to promote and maintain the U.S. world leadership in technology
  • Promoting fair and open trade.
  • Tracking and distributing statistical information of market trends.
  • Advocating for public policies that provide a fair field for competition.

There are four categories of membership within SIA;

  • Charter Members—Charter Membership is reserved for semiconductor design and manufacturing companies (IDMs, fablite, and fabless) that are headquartered in the United States.
  • International Semiconductor  Members—International Semiconductor Membership is for semiconductor design and manufacturing companies that are headquartered outside of the United States but that have a significant presence in the United States.
  • Corporate Members—Corporate Membership is available to any company that does not design or manufacture semiconductors, but that has an interest in the health and growth of the industry.
  • Enhanced Corporate Members—This category is designed for companies within the semiconductor industry supply chain that want to have a larger voice on SIA public policy initiatives. Enhanced Corporate Members are invited to participate in SIA’s full scope of advocacy efforts. 

Charter Members