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Financial and industry analysts, members of the media, the academic community, and those interested in the global semiconductor industry are often looking for reliable and consistent market trend data and statistics.  SIA provides this data through the World Semiconductor Trade Statistic (WSTS) database subscription.

The data is collected through the WSTS program, which is comprised of global semiconductor companies that provide accurate and timely sales data.  The program covers over 200 product lines for all world regions.

WSTS database subscribers benefit from having a consistent and reliable primary source of semiconductor market data, as well as twice-yearly industry forecasts.  The WSTS database is the only source of monthly industry sales data available anywhere.  Additionally, with records spanning the last 40 years, the WSTS database is a useful tool for historical industry analysis.  Below you will find a description and a sample of the reports available through a WSTS Subscription.  


Subscription Information (Including Special Offers)

For information about subscribing to the WSTS database, including special offers, please contact Falan Yinug at


Monthly Sales Reports

Monthly report of worldwide semiconductor shipments covering over 200 product categories by revenue and by units, as well as over 50 geographic categories.

Click here for a Monthly Bluebook sample 



Twice-yearly semiconductor industry forecast with quarterly and annual projections for over 200 product and over 50 geographic categories.


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