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The impact of the semiconductor in daily life is undeniable, from computers and cell phones to airplanes and automobiles. We have grown from a start-up industry in the 1950s to one with annual sales of nearly $300 Billion. It has been an incredible period. In a relatively short time span, the semiconductor industry has evolved from a handful of individuals working at lab benches to what is perhaps the nation's most essential industry, employing hundreds of thousands of highly-skilled workers worldwide.

We are a driving force behind our nation's leadership in the entire technology industry, fostering innovation and creating jobs. In order to maintain this worldwide leadership and significant contribution to our nation's economy we must be able to compete globally on a level playing field. The SIA and its member companies have identified six central issues that have a critical impact on the industry's global competitiveness.

Environment, Safety & Health
Export Control
Immigration & Workforce
Intellectual Property


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