2019 SIA Factbook

Published on Monday, May 20, 2019, 11:00am
by Semiconductor Industry Association

Download the 2019 SIA Factbook

You may already know that semiconductors make possible the global trillion dollar electronics industry. But did you know that worldwide sales have increased at a compound annual rate of almost 7 percent per year since 1998?

To find out more – including why it is critical for policymakers to enact measures that boost growth and promote innovation – download the 2019 SIA Factbook.

The 2019 SIA Factbook contains the following sections:

  • Industry overview
  • Global market
  • Capital and R&D investment
  • Jobs
  • Productivity

The data included helps demonstrate the strength and promise of U.S. semiconductor industry.

You can also download our free industry fact sheet here.

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