SIA Applauds Congressional Passage of Quantum Computing Legislation

Wednesday, Dec 19, 2018, 8:44pm

by Semiconductor Industry Association

The House of Representatives today overwhelmingly passed the Senate-approved version of the National Quantum Initiative Act, sending the bill to President Trump’s desk for signature. SIA applauds Congress’ bipartisan approval of this important legislation, which reflects a commitment to ensuring the U.S. remains a leader in quantum technology.

The National Quantum Initiative Act would create a 10-year plan to accelerate the development of quantum information science and technology applications in the United States. The bill would allocate at least $750 million, and as much as $1.275 billion, to fund critical basic and applied R&D programs at the Energy Department, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

This bill comes amidst a flurry of U.S. government action in support of quantum information science (QIS) research. On Sept. 28, in conjunction with the White House Summit on Advancing American Leadership in Quantum Information Science, the Department of Energy announced $218 million in funding for 85 research awards, the National Science Foundation awarded $31 million to support multidisciplinary quantum research, and the National Science and Technology Council released the National Strategic Overview for Quantum Information Science. This month, the National Academies released a report on quantum computing that found that while there is still a lot of development needed, there is “no fundamental reason why a large, fault-tolerant quantum computer could not be built in principle.” This continued government support of quantum computing is extremely important if the United States is to remain a world leader in this critical technology.

SIA looks forward to continuing to work with Congress and the Administration to support federal investments in research that will advance semiconductor technology and spur U.S. economic growth and innovation.