Jimmy Goodrich

Vice President, Global Policy
Focus: Trade, International Affairs

Jimmy Goodrich is vice president for global policy at SIA. In this role, Jimmy leads SIA’s global policy team and works to advance SIA’s international and trade policy agenda to ensure the U.S. semiconductor industry maintains its competitiveness in key markets across the globe. Jimmy also leads SIA’s research and analysis of foreign semiconductor policies and capabilities. Jimmy is the Executive Committee Chair of the United States Information Technology Office (USITO) in Beijing, representing SIA in his capacity. An expert in China’s technology and innovation landscape, he has led and conducted significant research and analysis efforts into China’s technology and innovation capabilities.

Before joining SIA, Jimmy was director of global policy at the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) in Washington D.C., where he led ITI’s China and Asia-Pacific technology policy issues relating to cybersecurity, trade, standards, and Internet governance. Prior to ITI, he worked for Cisco Systems in Beijing as director for Greater China government affairs, where he was responsible for managing the cybersecurity and technical standards portfolio. Before joining Cisco, Jimmy was a consultant at APCO Worldwide’s Beijing office, a public affairs consultancy, where he advised multinational tech firms on China’s cybersecurity and technology policy landscape. He also worked as a policy manager at USITO’s Beijing office, which represents U.S. information technology firms in China on issues ranging from cybersecurity, technical standards, to telecommunications policy.

Jimmy has a bachelor’s degree in comparative politics and East Asian studies from Ohio University. He is fluent in Mandarin.

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