This white paper contains information that supplements and supports each of the working group’s work products, including a discussion of:  

  • Different regulatory bodies’ PFAS definitions. 
  • Actions that the industry has taken to eliminate and replace long-chain PFAS-containing materials with more environmentally benign substitutes.  
  • The global supply chain associated with this industry, and the interconnected relationship between suppliers, manufacturers and end users.  
  • The organization of modern advanced semiconductor manufacturing facilities.  
  • A summary of fluorine and organofluorine properties that make them critical for some applications.  
  • Human health and environmental controls.  
  • The R&D necessary to find acceptable substitutes for PFAS-containing materials, and, where PFAS-containing materials are essential to this industry and substitutes are not possible, the development of environmental emissions-reduction technologies. 

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Background on Semiconductor Manufacturing and PFAS