Semiconductor Workforce Development: A Policy Blueprint



Blog: 04/08/24

SIA Releases Policy Blueprint to Build the Future Semiconductor Workforce

by Zach Isakowitz, Director of Government Affairs

As America grows its domestic semiconductor ecosystem and reinforces its global technological leadership, a highly skilled workforce will ultimately determine our ability to compete and to fulfill the goals set by Congress and the Administration in the CHIPS and Science Act. Unfortunately, the U.S. faces a shortfall in the supply of skilled workers that the […]

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Blog: 03/18/24

AI, Auto, Industrial Markets Spurred Rebound in Chip Demand During Second Half of 2023

by Robert Casanova, Director, Industry Statistics and Economic Policy

Semiconductors are the key enabling technology that helps promote innovation in a broad range of products across virtually all segments of our economy. After reaching a record total of $574.1 billion in chip sales in 2022, the chip industry experienced an 8.2% decline in global revenue to $526.9 billion in 2023 due to normal market […]

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Blog: 10/19/23

New Roadmap Identifies Critical Semiconductor Research Priorities

by Erik Hadland, Director of Technology Policy

Advancing semiconductor research is essential to continued innovation in the chip industry and throughout our economy. As ever-shrinking semiconductor components face fundamental physical limits, next-gen breakthroughs are unachievable without major advancements. To help address this challenge, Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) today unveiled the Microelectronics and Advanced Packaging (MAPT) Roadmap, which defines critical chip research priorities […]

Blog: 10/10/23

SIA Weighs in on Potential Outbound Investment Regime

by Matthew Wayland, Global Policy Associate

SIA has long supported policies that safeguard national security without unduly harming commercial innovation, manufacturing, employment, and continued American leadership in critical technologies. Consistent with this stance, SIA recently submitted detailed public comments in response to the Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) published on Aug. 13 by the Department of the Treasury regarding the development […]

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Blog: 09/26/23

SIA Urges Congress to Resolve Double Taxation Between U.S. and Taiwan

by Molly O’Leary, Director of Government Affairs

SIA President and CEO John Neuffer on Sept. 18 sent a letter to congressional leaders expressing the urgency of resolving double taxation between the U.S. and Taiwan, among other related tax matters. Despite being top trading partners, the U.S. and Taiwan lack a formal tax treaty to resolve taxation issues between the two jurisdictions. The […]

Blog: 09/12/23

ITA-3: Ushering in a Sustainable Future for Global ICT and Economy

by John Neuffer, President and CEO

The fresh fall air in Geneva this week appears to mirror the possibilities and benefits inherent in another expansion of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Information Technology Agreement (ITA), originally launched by the WTO in 1997 to eliminate tariffs on a broad swath of tech products, from cell phones to computers. By 2015, 53 nations […]

Blog: 08/21/23

Semiconductor PFAS Consortium Concludes First Phase of Technical Research

by Alex Gordon, Policy Associate

by David Isaacs, Vice President, Government Affairs

Following 18 months of research, surveys, working group meetings, and technical review, the Semiconductor PFAS Consortium published its tenth and final white paper on the uses of PFAS in the semiconductor industry. The papers identify the essential performance attributes of different PFAS chemistries in various applications in the semiconductor manufacturing process and semiconductor manufacturing equipment […]

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Blog: 08/08/23

SIA Convenes Experts to Address Pressing Workforce Challenges

by Erik Hadland, Director of Technology Policy

As America’s semiconductor ecosystem expands in the years ahead, so too will its demand for semiconductor workers with the skills, training, and education needed in the highly innovative semiconductor industry. To address the challenges and opportunities associated with developing a skilled semiconductor workforce, SIA on July 25 convened a Workforce Development and Education Roundtable at […]

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Blog: 07/27/23

The State of the Industry Report Highlights Challenges and Opportunities Facing U.S. Chip Industry

by Robert Casanova, Director, Industry Statistics and Economic Policy

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) today released its annual State of the Industry Report. The report highlights the current challenges facing the semiconductor industry, as well as opportunities for continued growth and innovation. In 2023, the semiconductor industry’s importance to the world continues to grow, as chips become an even greater presence in the essential […]

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Blog: 06/22/23

New Assessment Identifies Opportunities for Strengthening India’s Role in Semiconductor Ecosystem

by Semiconductor Industry Association

SIA has long supported efforts to strengthen U.S.-India collaboration in the semiconductor supply chain. A new initial assessment—commissioned by SIA and the India Electronics Semiconductor Association (IESA) and authored by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF)—finds that India brings significant strengths to the semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem. The U.S. and India ramped up cooperation in […]

Blog: 05/26/23

Coalition Urges Congress to Fund R&D, Workforce Initiatives

by Semiconductor Industry Association

SIA CEO John Neuffer today joined fellow members of the Task Force on American Innovation (TFAI)—an alliance of industry, scientific societies, and university organizations—in urging congressional appropriators to fund the investments in scientific research, innovation, and workforce authorized by the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act. Signatories on the letter included SIA Board members Lisa Su […]

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Blog: 05/22/23

SIA Supports Holistic Approach to Implementing CHIPS Act’s Advanced Manufacturing Tax Credit

by Molly O’Leary, Director of Government Affairs

The CHIPS and Science Act, landmark legislation enacted last year to reinvigorate domestic semiconductor production and innovation, has already sparked substantial company investment announcements that will create jobs and strengthen America’s economy, national security, and global competitiveness. As part of our ongoing effort to provide input to government leaders during the implementation of this critical […]