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Blog: 08/21/23

Semiconductor PFAS Consortium Concludes First Phase of Technical Research

Following 18 months of research, surveys, working group meetings, and technical review, the Semiconductor PFAS Consortium published its tenth and final white paper on the uses of PFAS in the semiconductor industry. The papers identify the essential performance attributes of different PFAS chemistries in various applications in the semiconductor manufacturing process and semiconductor manufacturing equipment […]

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Blog: 05/22/23

SIA Urges Balanced Approach to Implementation of CHIPS Act ‘Guardrails’

The CHIPS and Science Act, landmark legislation enacted last year to reinvigorate domestic semiconductor production and innovation, has already sparked over $200 billion in commitments by companies to invest on U.S. shores—commitments that will create jobs and strengthen America’s economy, national security, and global competitiveness. As part of our ongoing effort to provide input to […]

Domestic ManufacturingSupply Chain Security
Press Release: 03/29/23

New SIA Map Highlights Broad U.S. Semiconductor Ecosystem

The semiconductor ecosystem in the United States is broad and diverse, as illustrated by SIA’s new U.S. Semiconductor Ecosystem Map, a first-of-its-kind tool that allows users to explore industry activities across the country, including nearly 500 locations in 42 states. This expansive ecosystem is comprised of semiconductor manufacturing, chip design, intellectual property and chip design […]

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