Blog: 09/25/13

House Approves Helium Bill, Sends Back to Senate as Deadline Approaches

by David Isaacs, Vice President, Government Affairs

Helium legislation continues to bounce between the House and Senate, with both chambers overwhelmingly approving similar bills in recent days as the Oct. 1 deadline for final passage inches closer.

Environment, Health & Safety
Blog: 09/24/13

Why We Need Encryption Rules in the TPP and Other Trade Agreements

by Devi Keller, Director, Global Policy

A recently published paper, written by Takaaki Sashida, a graduate student at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and recent research fellow at SIA, provides an in-depth exploration of the importance of incorporating encryption rules in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement.   

Blog: 09/19/13

Working Together to Close the Innovation Deficit

by Semiconductor Industry Association

With the fiscal year coming to a close at the end of this month, there is frequent talk in Washington, D.C. about the importance of shrinking the federal budget deficit – the gap between federal expenditures and revenues. What is too often overlooked, however, is the need to close America’s innovation deficit – the gap […]

Blog: 09/10/13

Broad SIA-Led Coalition Urges Congress to Enact Legislation to Secure Supply of Helium

by David Isaacs, Vice President, Government Affairs

A Semiconductor Industry Association-led coalition of more than 120 technology, business, medical and education leaders today called on Congress to enact legislation to secure the supply of helium, a gas that is essential for semiconductor manufacturing and other types of advanced manufacturing, as well as scientific research. The broad and diverse coalition expressed the urgent […]

Environment, Health & Safety
Blog: 08/28/13

SIA’s New Anti-Counterfeiting White Paper: A Roadmap in the Battle Against Counterfeit Semiconductors

by Semiconductor Industry Association

Like many other products, semiconductors can be counterfeited. Counterfeiters often “harvest” semiconductor components from old circuit boards and then re-mark them to indicate they are new or that they have better performance than the original components. These counterfeit semiconductors, which may be indistinguishable from authentic semiconductors, are then sold through a network of international brokers. […]

Blog: 08/01/13

Reducing Patent Abuse Would Spur Semiconductor Innovation

by David Isaacs, Vice President, Government Affairs

Intellectual Property
Blog: 07/31/13

Broad Coalition: Failure to Enact Immigration Reform Is Not an Option

by Semiconductor Industry Association

In the aftermath of Senate approval of sweeping immigration reform last month, SIA continues to advocate for the House of Representatives to pass a comprehensive immigration bill that addresses high-skilled visa reform.

Workforce & Immigration
Blog: 07/17/13

House Must Overcome Differences, Enact Immigration Reform

by Semiconductor Industry Association

Following Senate passage of sweeping immigration reform legislation last month, attention has turned to the House, where the path forward for immigration reform remains unclear. 

Workforce & Immigration
Blog: 07/12/13

Responsible Use of Chemicals Enables Semiconductor Innovation

by David Isaacs, Vice President, Government Affairs

SIA yesterday testified at a hearing of the Environment and the Economy Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee regarding the primary federal law governing the regulation of chemicals, the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). The hearing focused on the process for reviewing new chemicals, the protection of confidential business information, and the impact of the […]

Environment, Health & Safety
Blog: 06/24/13

WSTS Projects Steady Growth for Industry

by Falan Yinug, Director, Industry Statistics and Economic Policy

A World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) sales forecast released earlier this month projects moderate global growth for the remainder of 2013 and 2014.

Market Data
Blog: 06/19/13

SIA Hosts Roundtable with Southeast Asian Trade Ministers

by Semiconductor Industry Association

SIA hosted a roundtable discussion with a delegation of Southeast Asian trade ministers on June 11 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif. The trade ministers represented the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). This event provided an excellent opportunity to discuss important semiconductor policy issues related to the Information Technology Agreement (ITA) […]

Blog: 06/14/13

Japan Would Strengthen Key Trade Agreement

by Semiconductor Industry Association

Last week, SIA submitted comments to the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) in support of Japan’s participation in the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement (TPP), a free trade pact that encourages open markets and international cooperation: