Blog: 03/19/12

Funding the Innovation Engine

Last week representatives from the Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the National Science Foundation (NSF), and NASA, testified before the Senate Commerce Committee at a hearing entitled, “Keeping America Competitive Through Investments in R&D”.  You can watch the full hearing here, 

Blog: 03/09/12

Leading the Way on Climate Protection


Environment, Health & Safety
Blog: 12/12/11

In Honor of Dr. Robert Noyce

Today would have been Dr. Robert Noyce’s 84th birthday. Noyce was the co-inventor of the integrated circuit, a credit he shared with Texas Instruments’ Jack Kilby for independent discoveries. The invention launched an industry that is now predicted to reach $300 billion in global sales, with U.S. firms capturing roughly half of the market. Semiconductors […]

Blog: 11/10/11

Not Politics As Usual

On a regular day on Capitol Hill the partisan rhetoric is at full volume, but yesterday was not a regular day.

Blog: 10/19/11

Tech Boot Camp

Blog: 10/11/11

Air, Water or Food

Blog: 09/30/11

WSC/GAMS Meeting Marks Collaboration and Competition Within Global Semiconductor Community

WSC/GAMS Meeting Marks Collaboration & Competition Within Global Semiconductor Community

Blog: 08/11/11

Semiconductors Drive Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

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