Blog: 06/18/14

Program Helps Track and Improve Semiconductor Industry Environmental Performance

by Semiconductor Industry Association

For over a decade, SIA has worked with member companies to collect environmental data concerning the U.S. semiconductor industry. These surveys, which are the cornerstone of SIA’s Environmental Metrics Program (EMP), are important tools for our industry for benchmarking and achieving continuous improvement.

Environment, Health & Safety
Blog: 06/11/14

Advanced Semiconductors Enable Cleaner, More Efficient Use of Energy

by David Isaacs, Vice President, Government Affairs

Two recent articles illustrate the many ways in which advancements in semiconductors can promote energy efficiency and clean energy.

Environment, Health & Safety
Blog: 06/06/14

Prosecution of Counterfeit Chip Trafficker Marks Step Forward in Fight Against Semiconductor Counterfeiting

by Semiconductor Industry Association

This week, a man named Peter Picone admitted that he sent counterfeit semiconductors to the U.S. Naval Submarine Base in Connecticut, where the chips were intended for use in nuclear submarines. Picone pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit military goods. He faces up to 46 months in prison, with sentencing set […]

Blog: 06/03/14

U.S. Semiconductor Workplaces Far Safer Than National Average

by Semiconductor Industry Association

The U.S. semiconductor industry continues to enjoy a strong workplace safety record, with a significantly lower rate of on-the-job injuries and illnesses than the overall U.S. economy.

Environment, Health & Safety
Blog: 05/22/14

Projected GDP Growth Bodes Well for Semiconductor Sales

by Semiconductor Industry Association

In its most recent World Economic Outlook published last month, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts global GDP growth of 3.6 percent in 2014 and 3.9 percent in 2015. Global GDP growth in 2013 was 3.0 percent.

Market Data
Blog: 05/15/14

Global Semiconductor Industry Urges ITA Expansion Breakthrough at APEC Trade Meeting

by Semiconductor Industry Association

In a letter released today, the World Semiconductor Council (WSC) — representing semiconductor industry leaders in China, Chinese Taipei, Europe, Japan, Korea and the United States — urged the trade ministers from the 21 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies gathering in Qingdao, China on May 17-18 to reach a breakthrough in the negotiations to significantly […]

Press Release: 05/14/14

Semiconductor Market Maintains Momentum at Start of 2014

by Semiconductor Industry Association

As SIA reported earlier this month, worldwide sales of semiconductors reached $78.47 billion during the first quarter of 2014, marking the industry’s highest-ever first quarter sales.  It seems apparent that global semiconductor market performance in early 2014 has continued where 2013 left off with positive sales growth. Through the second half of 2013 and into […]

Market Data
Blog: 05/06/14

Administration Announces Steps to Attract Skilled Workers, Researchers

by Semiconductor Industry Association

Today, the Obama Administration announced two new initiatives that would help enable highly skilled workers and researchers from around the world to contribute to the U.S. economy and eventually become American citizens.  

Workforce & Immigration
Blog: 05/01/14

Government Report Highlights Semiconductor Industry’s Key Intellectual Property Concerns

by Semiconductor Industry Association

The semiconductor industry plays a critical role in driving U.S. innovation. For example, American semiconductor companies invested $32 billion in research and development in 2012 – one of the greatest shares of revenue of any industry. In order to ensure that these investments continue to benefit consumers around the world, strong intellectual property rights (IPR) […]

Anti-CounterfeitingIntellectual PropertyTrade
Blog: 04/29/14

Three Reasons Congress Should Close the Innovation Deficit

by Semiconductor Industry Association

The Senate Appropriations Committee held a hearing today about the need to close America’s innovation deficit – the gap between needed and actual federal investments in research and higher education. SIA joined a broad coalition in submitting written testimony urging Congress to close the innovation deficit.

Blog: 04/23/14

Semiconductor Industry Representative Urges Proper Implementation of RandD Tax Credit

by Semiconductor Industry Association

Ensuring the appropriate implementation of tax policies related to the research and development (R&D) credit is of critical importance to the U.S. semiconductor industry. Given our industry’s significant investments in R&D, SIA has long advocated for a strengthened and permanent R&D credit to promote innovation in the U.S.

Blog: 04/01/14

Shortage of H-1B Visas Hampers U.S. Job Creation, Innovation

by Semiconductor Industry Association

A broad coalition of tech industry leaders – including SIA – today launched a video explaining the negative effects of dysfunctional immigration laws on the U.S. economy. The video is available at:

Workforce & Immigration