Blog: 03/24/14

Computers Remained Top Semiconductor End Use Market in 2013; Communications Growing Fast

by Semiconductor Industry Association

The World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) organization recently published the 2013 Semiconductor End-Use Report, which breaks down sales by end-use and regional end-market for a wide variety of semiconductor products. The figure to the right shows top-level data for 2013 global semiconductor end-use by percent for the six major end applications in the report.

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Blog: 03/05/14

SIA Works with U.S. Customs to Combat Counterfeit Semiconductors

by Semiconductor Industry Association

America depends on semiconductors, the tiny chips that enable all electronics.  But like other products, semiconductors can be counterfeited, and these counterfeits can end up in critical consumer, industrial, medical, and military devices, potentially undermining our public safety and national security. SIA is actively working to raise awareness of these threats and to reduce the […]

Blog: 03/04/14

Three Steps Congress Can Take Now to Spur U.S. Innovation

by David Isaacs, Vice President, Government Affairs

The semiconductor industry has long been vital player in driving U.S. innovation. For example, American semiconductor companies invested $32 billion in research and development in 2012 – one of the greatest shares of revenue of any industry – and nearly half of the top 20 U.S. corporate patent recipients are semiconductor companies, demonstrating the industry’s […]

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Blog: 02/24/14

SIA Promotes STEM Education through Discover Engineering Family Day

by Semiconductor Industry Association

Strengthening America’s science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education is a perennial priority for SIA. SIA has long engaged in efforts to ensure that the U.S. develops and retains future generations of top scientific minds, including through advocacy for national initiatives to bolster STEM education and through direct participation in programs that get kids interested […]

Blog: 02/10/14

SIA Highlights IP Concerns in Key Markets

by Semiconductor Industry Association

SIA recently submitted written comments for the 2014 Special 301 Review, an annual report issued by the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) addressing the adequacy and effectiveness of U.S. trading partners’ protection and enforcement of intellectual property (IP) rights.

Intellectual Property
Blog: 02/07/14

GAO: Nanomanufacturing Critical to U.S. Innovation, Competitiveness

by Semiconductor Industry Association

Today’s technology has enabled the creation of electronic devices that are more powerful, less costly, and more compact than ever before.  As these products get smaller and smaller, America increasingly depends on the science behind nanomanufacturing – the construction of devices at the molecular scale – in order to stay at the forefront of innovation.

Blog: 02/06/14

Chip-Enabled Vehicle Communication Technology Could Save Lives

by Semiconductor Industry Association

This week, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced that it will begin taking steps to enable vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication technology in an effort to promote automotive safety and significantly reduce the more than 30,000 vehicle deaths that occur each year. 

Emerging Technologies
Blog: 01/28/14

S.1600: A Proactive Approach to Supply Chain Security

by David Isaacs, Vice President, Government Affairs

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Blog: 01/15/14

Trade Promotion Authority Legislation Will Help Deliver Economy-Boosting Trade Agreements

by Semiconductor Industry Association

Last week, a bipartisan group of leaders from the Senate Finance Committee and House Ways and Means Committee introduced Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) legislation that re-establishes strong rules for the negotiation and congressional approval of trade agreements. The Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities Act of 2014 (S.1900 in the Senate and H.R. 3830 in the House), […]

Blog: 01/07/14

New Research Collaboration Will Help Combat Potential Semiconductor Security Threats

by Semiconductor Industry Association

The potential threat of security-compromised semiconductors is of growing concern to the Department of Defense, U.S. national security, and our industry. While the threat may be minimal, given the magnitude of the potential impacts, it makes sense to take steps to try to reduce these risks. SIA and the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) have taken […]

Blog: 12/17/13

Government’s DNA Marking Requirement Increases Risks of Counterfeit Chips

by Semiconductor Industry Association

America runs on semiconductors, the tiny chips that enable all electronics. But like many products, semiconductors can be counterfeited, and these counterfeits can end up in critical consumer, industrial, medical, and military devices. The potential failure of these products could undermine our public safety and national security. 

Blog: 10/29/13

Restoring Domestic Supply of Critical Minerals Will Strengthen U.S. Semiconductor Industry

by David Isaacs, Vice President, Government Affairs

Last month, the semiconductor industry and many other sectors breathed a collective sigh of relief when Congress approved legislation to secure the supply of helium, a gas that is essential for semiconductor manufacturing, medical devices, and a range of other applications. With that near-crisis in mind, SIA supports the idea of developing a plan for […]

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