Blog: 07/18/15

It’s a Deal: ITA Negotiations on Track to Conclude on Friday

GENEVA – As negotiations to expand the product scope of the Information Technology Agreement (ITA) got under way this morning, Geneva was cloaked in dreary, gray skies. But by this afternoon, the clouds had swept past, a brilliant sun emerged, and the ambassadors from the members of World Trade Organization (WTO) involved in the talks […]

Blog: 07/16/15

Nanotechnology Research Key to Big Semiconductor Breakthroughs

The world’s big challenges are increasingly solved using technology that is exceedingly small. Nanotechnology, which involves the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules, is making possible breakthroughs across a range of applications, including transportation, health care, clean energy, communications, and entertainment. The semiconductor industry designs and manufactures at the nanoscale level and depends heavily on […]

Blog: 07/06/15

ITA Negotiations to Resume: Global Industry Strongly Presses for Conclusion Next Week

With negotiations to expand product coverage of the Information Technology Agreement (ITA) finally back on track, global industry today issued an unambiguous call to the negotiating parties to reach agreement next week on the scope of products to be covered in this bold initiative. In a statement released today, more than 80 associations from around […]

Blog: 06/24/15

House Approves Needed Updates to Federal Chemicals Law

The House of Representatives last night approved the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Modernization Act of 2015 (H.R. 2576), legislation that would enhance the protection of health and the environment, while also providing the semiconductor industry and other sectors with certainty in the selection and use of chemicals. We applaud the House for passing this […]

Environment, Health & Safety
Blog: 06/12/15

House Needs to Get Trade Promotion Authority Across Finish Line

SIA is encouraged the House of Representatives today voted in favor of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) on a bipartisan basis, but we are disappointed it failed to approve accompanying legislation that would allow TPA to be signed into law by the president. The failure to get TPA across the finish line is a missed opportunity […]

Blog: 06/11/15

House Closing in on Decisive Vote on Trade Promotion Authority

With much at stake for the semiconductor industry, the U.S. economy, and our country’s standing in the world, the House of Representatives looks poised to vote this week on bipartisan Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) legislation. SIA has long advocated for TPA and yesterday joined a coalition of technology leaders asking the House to swiftly approve […]

Blog: 05/26/15

Senate Should Approve Legislation to Strengthen and Extend R&D Tax Credit

On May 20, the House of Representatives approved the American Research and Competitiveness Act of 2015 (H.R. 880), bipartisan legislation that would strengthen the R&D tax credit and make it permanent. SIA applauds House passage of this needed legislation and urges the Senate to swiftly approve it as well. No industry has a greater commitment […]

Blog: 05/26/15

Senate Approval of TPA a Big Win for Semiconductor Industry, U.S. Economy

On Friday night, the U.S. Senate approved bipartisan Trade Promotion Authority legislation that would foster free trade, promote job creation, and spur growth in the semiconductor industry and throughout the U.S. economy. SIA applauds the Senate for passing this much-needed legislation and urges the House of Representatives to move quickly to do the same. The […]

Blog: 05/21/15

What U.S. States Are Leading Exporters of Semiconductors? Some May Surprise You

The U.S. Census Bureau publishes annual data on exports by state, and the recently published full-year 2014 semiconductor state export numbers provide some interesting takeaways. First, all 50 U.S. states exported semiconductors in 2014. This reflects the regional diversification of semiconductor manufacturing and the pervasiveness of the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain in the United States. […]

Blog: 05/20/15

SIA Supports Efforts to Modernize U.S. Chemicals Law

The sound regulation of chemicals essential to semiconductor manufacturing is a key issue for the continued success of the U.S. semiconductor industry. SIA is encouraged that both houses of Congress have developed bipartisan bills (S. 697; House Discussion Draft) to modernize the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), including positive reforms on many issues of interest […]

Environment, Health & Safety
Blog: 05/07/15


Earlier this year, SIA Chairman and Intel CEO Brian Krzanich made a major announcement launching Intel’s Global Diversity and Inclusion initiative. The initiative provides $300 million for support of women and under-represented minorities (URM), a strong leadership move and financial commitment to increase the number of women and URMs in tech. While it’s not a […]

Blog: 05/06/15

SIA Joins Effort to Develop International Anti-counterfeiting Curriculum for Customs Officers

Last week, SIA participated in sessions hosted by the World Customs Organization (WCO) to develop anti-counterfeiting resources for customs officers around the world. The meetings covered a broad range of counterfeit products, including semiconductors. Experts representing rights holders and customs agencies participated in the week-long development series, including customs officials from the United States, Hong […]