Broad Coalition of Tech Leaders Call on President, Congress to Enact High-Skilled Immigration Reform

Friday, Mar 15, 2013, 12:00am

by Semiconductor Industry Association

SIA this week joined a coalition of more than 100 technology leaders from across the country in sending a letter to President Obama and congressional leaders urging prompt approval of legislation to reform America’s outdated high-skilled immigration system.

Noting the tremendous economic boost provided to the U.S. economy by companies  such as eBay, Google, Yahoo!, PayPal, and others  that were founded by immigrants , the letter outlined America’s critical need for more qualified, highly skilled workers – both foreign and domestic – who can create jobs and drive America’s economic growth:

“Yet because our current immigration system is outdated and inefficient, many high-skilled immigrants who want to stay in America are forced to leave because they are unable to obtain permanent visas. Some do not bother to come in the first place. This is often due to visa shortages, long waits for green cards, and lack of mobility. We believe that numerical levels and categories for high-skilled nonimmigrant and immigrant visas should be responsive to market needs and, where appropriate, include mechanisms to fluctuate based on objective standards. In addition, spouses and children should not be counted against the cap of high-skilled immigrant visas. There should not be a marriage or family penalty.”

The complete coalition letter is available here.