Date: May 6, 2021
Time: 3 pm EDT

Semiconductors — the tiny chips that enable modern technologies — are critical to America’s economy, job creation, technology leadership, and national security. For 50 years, America has led the world in semiconductor innovation, driving transformative advances in nearly every modern technology, from computers to mobile phones to the Internet itself. Today, semiconductors underpin the most exciting “must-win” technologies of the future, including artificial intelligence to power self-driving cars and other autonomous systems, quantum computing to analyze huge volumes of data and enhance digital encryption, and advanced wireless networks to seamlessly connect people at unprecedented speeds and security. Please join SIA for a 45-minute briefing on semiconductors, why they are so important for the U.S. economy and national security, and how the America can stay on top in this foundational technology.


May 6: What is a Semiconductor and Why is it Important?

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