Examining China’s Semiconductor Self-Sufficiency: Present and Future Prospects

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2020

Time: 10:30 am EST

Since 2014 when the Chinese government launched a major initiative to boost its domestic IC industry, Chinese semiconductor companies have been working hard to build manufacturing capacity, accelerate technology innovation, and expand product lines to accomplish Beijing’s goal of producing 70 percent of domestic chip demand by 2025. While China’s semiconductor industry continues to report stable growth, this growth has been uneven and inconsistent across sub-sectors.

Please join a panel of industry experts for a conversation on China’s indigenous semiconductor industry’s technological progress, current market position, growth prospects, and the challenges in closing the gap with global leaders. Panelists include: Randy Abrams, Managing Director, Head of Taiwan Research and Asia Semiconductors at Credit Suisse; Dr. Handel Jones, CEO at IBS, Inc.; Chris Thomas, a leading China and Tech Industry Scholar; and Jimmy Goodrich Vice President, Global Policy at SIA. The session will be moderated by Falan Yinug, Director of Industry Statistics and Economy Policy at SIA.


Randy Abrams, Credit Suisse

Dr. Handel Jones, IBS, Inc.



Nov. 17, 2020




Randy Abrams
Managing Director, Head of Taiwan Research and Asia Semiconductors
Credit Suisse

Randy Abrams covers the Asian semiconductor sector for Credit Suisse with coverage focusing on the Asian foundries, back-end test and packaging, and IC design sector. In previous roles, Abrams covered the U.S. semiconductor and wireless equipment sectors for Credit Suisse. Prior to Credit Suisse, he was employed with Lucent Technologies in its Financial Leadership Development Program with assignments in microelectronics, switching and access, and wireless networks.


Dr. Handel Jones
IBS, Inc.

Dr. Handel Jones is the founder, owner, and CEO of International Business Strategies, Inc. He has over 35 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, which has included senior management positions at ITT and at Rockwell International, where he was VP of Strategic Planning, Acquisitions, International Marketing, and Engineering for the Commercial Electronics group. He is also the author of Chinamerica: The Uneasy Partnership that Will Change the World, China’s Globalization (How China Becomes No. 1), and Artificial Intelligence: How AI and IA Reshape the Future.


Chris Thomas
Leading China and Tech Industry Scholar

Chris Thomas is a member of the Board of Directors of Velodyne LIDAR; a Visiting Professor at Tsinghua University; a non-resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution; and member of the U.S.-China Track II Dialogues on the Digital Economy. Thomas spent ten years as a partner with McKinsey & Company serving as co-Managing Partner for the firm’s Global Digital Strategy service line as well as its Global IoT service line, and as the leader of its Asia Semiconductor Practice. Prior to McKinsey, Thomas spent ten years at Intel Corporation where he was the General Manager of Intel China.


Jimmy Goodrich
Vice President, Global Policy
Semiconductor Industry Association

Jimmy Goodrich is vice president for global policy at SIA. In this role, Goodrich leads SIA’s global policy team and works to advance SIA’s international and trade policy agenda to ensure the U.S. semiconductor industry maintains its competitiveness in key markets across the globe. He also leads SIA’s research and analysis of foreign semiconductor policies and capabilities. Goodrich is the Executive Committee Chair of the United States Information Technology Office (USITO) in Beijing, representing SIA in his capacity. An expert in China’s technology and innovation landscape, he has led and conducted significant research and analysis efforts into China’s technology and innovation capabilities.


Falan Yinug
Director, Industry Statistics and Economic Policy
Semiconductor Industry Association

Falan Yinug is director of industry statistics and economic policy at SIA. Responsible for managing SIA’s statistics and data program, Yinug represents SIA in the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) program, which maintains industry-driven monthly sales data for the global industry as well as sales forecasts. His work also entails supporting SIA’s advocacy efforts through economic research and analysis.