Unprecedented Challenges, Historic Opportunities: the State of the U.S. Semiconductor Industry

Sept. 28, 2021
Time: 2 pm – 3 pm ET

The past year has been one for the ages for the semiconductor industry and market.  With the world still gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic, semiconductor-enabled technologies has allowed the world to remotely work, study, treat illness, and stay connected.  At the same time, COVID-19 shifted global semiconductor demand in unprecedented and unanticipated ways that shook global supply chains and contributed to a widespread global semiconductor shortage.  The U.S. government and other governments around the world have taken notice of the importance of semiconductors and have or are contemplating policies to incentivize increased chip production and innovation.

A new SIA report tries to put this past year in perspective, as well as seeks to show how the U.S. semiconductor industry has weathered the storm’s global position across a variety of metrics, including market share, manufacturing, and technology competitiveness. The 2021 State of the U.S. Semiconductor Industry report demonstrates that while the U.S. industry has faced unprecedented challenges over the past year, it also has an historic opportunity to improve upon its current leadership position in the global industry.

Please join a panel of industry experts for a conversation about the report, the challenges and opportunities facing our industry, and what the future may hold. Speakers include John Pitzer, Managing Director at Credit Suisse; Dan Hutcheson, CEO and Chairman at VLSI Research; Dale Ford, Chief Analyst at the Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA); and Falan Yinug, Director of Industry Statistics and Economic Policy at the SIA.


Mom, Baseball, Apple Pie and Semiconductors: Recapturing Value in the Data Driven Economy
John Pitzer, Credit Suisse

2021 Semiconductor Market Analysis & Outlook
Dale Ford, Electronic Components Industry Association

Semiconductor Industry Strategic Trends: Great Opportunities Handcuffed by Policy
Dan Hutcheson, VLSI Research

2021 State of the Industry
Falan Yinug, Semiconductor Industry Association



Sept. 28, 2021




John Pitzer is a Managing Director, Global Technology Strategist, Technology Sector Head and Semiconductor Analyst at Credit Suisse. Mr. Pitzer joined Credit Suisse in March of 2000 and has maintained a top 3 Analyst ranking in external polls including Institutional Investor, Greenwich Survey and Bloomberg. Prior to joining Credit Suisse, Mr. Pitzer also held analyst positions at Prudential Volpe Technology Group, Deutsche Bank Alex-Brown and Needham & Company.



John Pitzer
Managing Director
Credit Suisse


Dan is CEO and Chairman of VLSIresearch inc. He is a recognized authority on the semiconductor industry, winning SEMI’s Sales and Marketing Excellence Award1 in 2012 for “empowering executives with tremendous strategic and tactical marketing value” through his e-letter, The Chip Insider® his book Maxims of Hi-Tech, and his many interviews of executives.



Dan Hutcheson

CEO and Chairman
VLSI Research


Dale Ford is the Chief Analyst at the Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA). Previously, he managed the research teams at IHS responsible for coverage of the electronics, semiconductor and electronics components industry and was one of the founders of iSuppli’s market research. As a highly respected industry analyst with extensive experience producing award winning market research he brings expertise in technology trends, competitive analysis, forecasting and supply/demand research of the electronics, semiconductor and electronics components industries. Mr. Ford has been researching the electronics and electronics components industries for over 25 years.


Dale Ford

Chief Analyst
Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA)


Falan Yinug is director of industry statistics and economic policy at SIA. Responsible for managing SIA’s statistics and data program, Yinug represents SIA in the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) program, which maintains industry-driven monthly sales data for the global industry as well as sales forecasts. His work also entails supporting SIA’s advocacy efforts through economic research and analysis.



Falan Yinug

Director, Industry Statistics and Economic Policy
Semiconductor Industry Association