Please fill out the below survey by Monday, Sept. 28 at 5 pm EDT.

The intent of this survey is to gain information on the status of approvals/denials of export control applications for shipments of semiconductors and related technologies to Huawei. We hope the results of this survey will enhance SIA and company advocacy efforts and improve the understanding of member companies of broader licensing trends relating to Huawei.

We understand that the information provided is potentially sensitive and we intend to protect company-sensitive information by providing anonymizing and aggregating the responses. No individual company information will be disclosed in the results we circulate to the SIA membership. Furthermore, we will only disclose specific ECCNs in the aggregated data if two (2) or more companies provide responses identifying the specific ECCN.

Please designate one person per company to fill out the export control license application survey below:

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Question 1: Of the total license applications submitted for shipments to Huawei, how many have been:

  • Question 2: Of your firm’s total license applications submitted in question 1, please list the ECCNs and number of days for approval, denial, or for how long each ECCN has been pending.

    *SIA will aggregate the results and disclose individual ECCNs only if we receive two (2) or more submissions covering that designation.
  • e.g. ECCN-XXXXX approved in X days
  • e.g. ECCN-XXXXX denied in X days
  • e.g. ECCN-XXXXX pending for X days