GAMS Outcomes

Tuesday, Nov 04, 2014, 8:32pm

by Semiconductor Industry Association

Published Tuesday, November 4, 2014
The WSC Intellectual Property Committee (IPC) convened in Fukuoka, Japan, to continue its work on a number of IP-related matters. The group reported a success in influencing the work of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPOI) and the IP5 (Patent Offices of US, EPC, Japan, Korea and China) to improve patent quality. The IPC has been working on patent quality for several years, including creating a plan for member countries and regions to harmonize their Patent Quality Metrics. IPC communicated with WIPO and the IP5 to encourage adoption of our recommendations, and as a result of this effort, both the WIPO Meeting of International Authorities and the IP5 have created a committee to work on harmonized patent quality. WIPO indicated that IPC work “broke the ice” in initiating this effort. A letter from the WSC IP Chair to all SIA association heads detailing this success can be found here.

The IPC also continued its work on other issues. The most controversial issue was the matter of abusive patent litigation (NPE/PAEs). After extensive discussions, the group compromised and agreed to defer continued discussion on this topic until significant new issues arise. The group will continue monitoring reports and studies by governments and academics, such as the pending study of the Federal Trade Commission on patent assertion entities.