Global Semiconductor Sales Increase 20 Percent Year-to-Year in April; Double-Digit Annual Growth Projected for 2018

Wednesday, Jun 06, 2018, 4:39pm

by Semiconductor Industry Association


WASHINGTON—June 6, 2018—The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), representing U.S. leadership in semiconductor manufacturing, design, and research, today announced worldwide sales of semiconductors reached $37.6 billion for the month of April 2018, an increase of 20.2 percent from the April 2017 total of $31.3 billion and 1.4 percent more than last month’s total of $37.1 billion. Monthly sales numbers are compiled by the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) organization and represent a three-month moving average. Additionally, a newly released WSTS industry forecast projects annual global market growth of 12.4 percent in 2018 and 4.4 percent in 2019.

“The global semiconductor industry has posted consistently strong sales so far in 2018, and the global market has now experienced year-to-year growth of greater than 20 percent for 13 consecutive months,” said John Neuffer, president and CEO, Semiconductor Industry Association. “Although boosted in part by impressive growth in the memory market, sales of non-memory products also grew by double digits in April on a year-to-year basis, and all major regional markets posted double-digit year-to-year gains. The global market is projected to experience significant annual growth this year, with more modest growth expected next year.”

Regionally, year-to-year sales increased in the Americas (34.1 percent), China (22.1 percent), Europe (21.4 percent), Japan (14.6 percent), and Asia Pacific/All Other (10.2 percent). Compared with last month, sales were up in China (3.2 percent), Japan (2.7 percent), Europe (1.4 percent), and the Americas (0.8 percent), but down slightly in Asia Pacific/All Other (-0.8 percent).

Additionally, SIA today endorsed the WSTS Spring 2018 global semiconductor sales forecast, which projects the industry’s worldwide sales will be $463.4 billion in 2018. This would mark the industry’s highest-ever annual sales, a 12.4 percent increase from the 2017 sales total. WSTS projects year-to-year increases across all regional markets for 2018: the Americas (14.0 percent), Europe (13.4 percent), Asia Pacific (including China) (12.3 percent), and Japan (8.6 percent). In 2019, growth in the semiconductor market is expected to moderate, with sales increases of between 4-5 percent expected across each of the regions. WSTS tabulates its semi-annual industry forecast by convening an extensive group of global semiconductor companies that provide accurate and timely indicators of semiconductor trends.

For comprehensive monthly semiconductor sales data and detailed WSTS Forecasts, consider purchasing the WSTS Subscription Package. For information about the global semiconductor industry and market, check out SIA’s free 2018 Factbook.

April 2018 chart and graph.

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