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Enhance Security and Manage Risk

The semiconductor industry is a leader in innovation and security, and continues to prioritize and invest in a safe and secure supply chain for products ranging from information and communications technology to automotive semiconductors. We work collaboratively with policymakers to ensure governments prioritize continued innovation in security and semiconductor technology.


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Strengthening the Global Semiconductor Supply Chain in an Uncertain Era

A Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)/Boston Consulting Group (BCG) study analyzes the benefits and vulnerabilities of the global semiconductor supply chain and recommends government actions to ensure its long-term strength and resilience. The report finds that while the current global semiconductor supply chain structure based on geographic specialization has enabled tremendous innovation, productivity, and cost savings over the last 30 years, new supply chain vulnerabilities have emerged that must be addressed by government actions, including funding incentives to boost domestic chip production and research.

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Semiconductors are a top U.S. export after aircraft, refined oil, and crude oil.
81% of U.S. sales are to overseas customers.
$49 Billion
The United States exported $49 billion in semiconductors in 2020 and maintains a consistent trade surplus in semiconductors.
The U.S. semiconductor industry is the worldwide leader with about half of global market share.
: 03/24/20