Semiconductors Remain Export Powerhouse for U.S. in 2015

Thursday, Feb 25, 2016, 7:00pm

by Semiconductor Industry Association

Semiconductors continue to be a massive export product for the United States, according to recently released government export statistics for 2015, fueling U.S. jobs, economic growth, and innovation. The total value of U.S. semiconductor exports in 2015 was $41.8 billion, which amounts to the third-highest of any manufactured export product. The combination of strong domestic production and foreign markets hungry for semiconductors led once again to this foundational product ranking as one of America’s leading exports in 2015.


Semiconductors also continued to be the number one electronics product export in 2015, ahead of other products such as computer equipment, telephones, and communications equipment.

While this news is hardly a surprise, since semiconductors have perennially been among America’s leading exports, it is important to remember why semiconductors have maintained this leading position.

One reason is because the United States remains a top location for U.S. semiconductor manufacturing. As highlighted in SIA’s white paper, Made in America: The Facts about Semiconductor Manufacturing, U.S. semiconductor companies do the majority of their high value-added front-end fabrication in the United States. While countries aggressively compete to attract investment from highly innovative industries such as semiconductors, the United States remains one of the most attractive locations in the world for high-tech manufacturing.

Can more be done to make the United States an even more attractive location for high-tech manufacturing? Absolutely, and SIA is working with policymakers on such issues as corporate tax reform and funding for precompetitive basic research to ensure innovation and high-tech manufacturing grows and stays in America.

Another reason U.S. semiconductor exports remain so high is because 83 percent of sales of U.S. semiconductor companies in 2015 were outside of the United States. The semiconductor market today is truly global, and to ensure U.S.-made semiconductors can reach all global markets, it is important that these foreign markets remain open. This is why one of SIA’s top policy priorities has been to promote free trade. Download a complete list of SIA’s 2016 policy priorities here.

By advocating policies that promote innovation and high-tech manufacturing domestically and open markets abroad, SIA is working to ensure semiconductors continue to be a leading U.S. export for years to come.