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The Global Semiconductor Value Chain

The global semiconductor value chain comprises an intricate network of researchers, designers, manufacturers, assemblers, and suppliers from all over the world who contribute to the creation of semiconductors, the building blocks of modern electronics. This value chain is complex, interdependent, highly efficient, productive, and constantly evolving. This interlocking ecosystem drives growth and innovation and strengthens participating countries by increasing employment and export opportunities. 

A recent report titled “Beyond Borders: How an Interconnected Industry Promotes Innovation and Growth” highlights the evolution, complexity, and pivotal importance of the global semiconductor value chain.

Driven by non-stop consumer demand for more and better capabilities, features, reliability, and speed, semiconductor companies have developed business models that look beyond national borders to achieve efficiencies to compete in the marketplace. Companies and countries that participate in the global value chain reap countless benefits, including increased employment and export opportunities. On the other hand, countries seeking to reproduce the entire value chain within in its own borders risk undermining domestic industry capabilities and competitiveness. A globally interdependent industry that pools the best each participant has to offer provides the best path to meeting future demands for technology innovation.  

SIA recently co-hosted a roundtable discussion about the report with the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF). Video of the event is included below. 


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