SIA Applauds Launch of IoT Initiative Led by Intel and Samsung

Tuesday, Jun 21, 2016, 4:30pm

by John Neuffer, President and CEO

SIA members Intel Corporation and Samsung Electronics today announced the launch of the National IoT Strategy Dialogue, an initiative that will bring together industry partners and organizations to collaboratively develop policy recommendations to advance the Internet of Things (IoT). We applaud Intel and Samsung for leading this critical effort, to be convened by the Information Technology Industry Council, and look forward to working with them to help develop a policy framework to promote the IoT.


The IoT refers to a burgeoning network of physical objects connected by the Internet and enabled by semiconductor technology. From wearable devices and household appliances to automobiles and medical devices, more and more products are now able to analyze data and communicate with each other, thanks largely to the advanced semiconductors that represent the foundation these technologies. The IoT holds great promise for helping to solve societal challenges across a range of applications, but the growth of this technology also brings with it a range of policy challenges.

SIA weighed in on the IoT policy landscape earlier this month in comments submitted to the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA). In the comments, SIA called for “tools to accelerate IoT adoption and enable cost-effective introduction of new technologies, including open standards efforts, targeted federal funding, and impactful public-private partnerships.” SIA also voiced support for legislation that would foster development of the IoT, the Developing Innovation and Growing the Internet of Things (DIGIT) Act (S.2607/H.R. 5117). The DIGIT Act would create a working group to provide insight to Congress on how to encourage IoT growth. In March, SIA sent a letter of support to the bill’s Senate co-sponsors.

The National IoT Strategy Dialogue will provide a much-needed forum for industry leaders and stakeholders to chart a path forward for IoT-related policy initiatives. SIA welcomes this new initiative and looks forward to assisting in its work to ensure continued U.S. leadership of this transformative technology.