Erik Hadland

Director of Technology Policy
Focus: R&D, education, workforce

Erik Hadland is the Director of Technology Policy at the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), where he is responsible for the association’s research, development, and technology activities as well as its education and workforce development efforts. In this role, he works with the White House, Federal agencies, and Congress to inform policymakers about the needs and functions of the diverse segments of the semiconductor industry.

Prior to SIA, Erik was a AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow at the U.S. Department of Energy, where he served as Advisor to the Director of the Office of Science—the Nation’s largest supporter of fundamental physical science research and stewarding office of 10 of the Department’s National Laboratories. In this capacity, Erik project managed briefings to the Congress on critical and emergent technologies, advised on matters of place-based innovation and technology transfer, and co-facilitated the Department’s Microelectronics Working Group. Prior to the DOE, Erik was a Senior Logic Technology Development Engineer at Intel, piloting first-of-a-kind annealing modules and processing conditions for Intel’s next generation logic products.

Erik earned his PhD in Solid State Chemistry from the University of Oregon, where he studied novel synthesis schemes for metastable 2D semiconductor compounds.

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