America’s Future is Built on Semiconductors

  • Want a stronger economy?
  • More jobs?
  • Greater national security?
  • Fewer product shortages?
Leaders in Washington must enact bipartisan innovation and competitiveness legislation that strengthens domestic semiconductor research, design, and manufacturing.
Why has the U.S. share of global modern semiconductor manufacturing declined so much?

Other countries provide ambitious government incentives to increase semiconductor manufacturing capacity. The U.S. must level the global playing field and encourage the production of more chips on American shores.

America must invest in domestic chip research, design, and manufacturing.

A $52 billion investment would:

  • Create hundreds of thousands of American jobs, strengthening America’s high-tech workforce
  • Spur hundreds of billions in domestic private investments, ensuring the U.S. remains the world’s foremost economic powerhouse
  • Secure critical supply chains for all industries
  • Reinforce national security infrastructure and cement American defense leadership
  • Enable the U.S. to capture a significant share of the upcoming high-tech manufacturing boom

Urge Congress to Pass Bipartisan Innovation and Competitiveness Legislation that Strengthens U.S. Semiconductor Leadership.

America is falling behind in the global innovation race.

Much of the world has ramped up their investments in chip research, while U.S. investments have remained flat. America cannot afford to lose more ground in this critical space, and American voters agree greater federal investment is needed

2/3 of Americans want a stronger domestic semiconductor ecosystem.

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A Bright Future is Built on Semiconductors

Want a stronger economy and greater national security?
Semiconductors are the answer.

Technology is advancing, and the world is becoming smarter, greener, more efficient, and better connected. But this progress and the systems and products Americans rely on are found on the high-end semiconductors that are already in short supply—and demand will only continue to rise.

Now is the time for the U.S. to invest boldly in domestic chip research, design, and manufacturing by passing bipartisan innovation and competitiveness legislation to create the jobs and power the innovation that is foundational to America’s future.