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Industry Statistics

Industry Statistics

Compared to every other domestic industry, the semiconductor industry is unique. It is perennially one of America’s top exports, and every year, chip makers and designers dramatically increase the performance of their products while decreasing prices, making high-end technology goods increasingly productive and affordable for consumers.

As a result it is important for SIA to serve as a resource for industry statistics on global sales on a monthly and yearly basis. We also serve as a repository for key data points on market drivers and end-use statistics. Please use the industry statistics section as a reliable data resource. If interested, even more statistics and charts can be accessed by becoming a Statistics Subscriber.


Global Sales Reports (GSRs)The GSR is a three-month moving average of sales activity. Historical and current reports are available.

Historical Billings Reports: From 1976 to present, Historical Billings Reports represent three-month moving average dollar amounts of shipments.

Semiconductor Capacity Utilization (SICAS) Reports: This quarterly report reflects the Semiconductor International Capacity Statistics (SICAS) on capacity and utilization of the total wafer start capacity of the integrated circuit manufacturing industry. Note: These reports were discontinued at the end of 2011.

End-Use Survey: The End-Use Annual Survey is based on total product category shipments (in dollars) from January 2015 through December 2015 classified by end use in geographic sectors. This report is available for purchase for $350.

Subscribers Only: Become a Statistics Subscriber today, and benefit from having a consistent and reliable primary source of semiconductor market data including monthly and yearly sales reports and twice-yearly forecast data.

Factbook: Your source for the latest semiconductor industry and market data.  Free to download.


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