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Environment, Safety & Health

Jan 15, 2016
SIA Comments to EPA on Proposed Changes to GHG Reporting Rule

Nov 10, 2015
SIA Input Regarding Abatement Requirement in Product Environmental Standards

Nov 9, 2015
SIA Comments on China's Draft "Emission Standard of Pollutants for Electrical Industry"

Aug 4, 2015
SIA Comments to EPA on Nanomaterials

Jun 26, 2015
SIA Comments to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Pending Proposal to Restrict the Use of Certain Chemicals

Feb 26, 2015
SIA Comments to FDA on chemicals GBL-BDO

Oct 29, 2014
SIA comments to EPA on potential changes to its comprehensive Risk Management Program (RMP)

Sep 30, 2014
SIA Comments to OSTP on Critical and Strategic Materials

Sep 2, 2014
Comments on EPA Proposal to Modify Global Warming Potentials (GWPs)

Jul 23, 2014
SIA Comments on EPA Greenhouse Gas Data Aggregation Proposal

Mar 12, 2014
SIA Comments on China "Clean Production" System

Mar 12, 2014
SIA Testimony on Vermont Chemicals Bill (S.239)

Jan 28, 2014
Testimony on the Critical Minerals Policy Act of 2013 (S. 1600)

Dec 18, 2013
SIA Comments on National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) Strategic Plan

Dec 18, 2013
Summary of SIA Comments on National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) Strategic Plan

Sep 25, 2013
Coalition Letter to House of Representatives Urging Passage of H.R. 527 as amended

Aug 20, 2013
SIA comments to EPA on a emissions scenario document (ESD) on semiconductor chemical vapor deposition (CVD)

Jul 11, 2013
SIA testimony before Environment and the Economy Subcommittee regarding the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

Jun 27, 2013
SIA Board of Directors Letter to Senate Leadership Urging Prompt Action on Helium Legislation

May 17, 2013
Comments on Global Warming Potential (GWP) of gases used in semiconductor manufacturing

May 7, 2013
Comments on Mandatory Reporting of GHGs

May 7, 2013
Letter on National Development Reform Commission (NDRC) Decree No.21

May 7, 2013
Testimony in support of helium legislation from Carolyn Duran, Intel, before Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee

Apr 30, 2013
Electronics Industry Comments on Proposed Regulation on Safer Consumer Products (R-2011-02, April 2013)

Feb 14, 2013
Semiconductor Industry Representative Testifies in Support of Legislation to Secure Helium Supply

Oct 19, 2012
Multi-association Comments to California on the Green Chemistry Proposal

Aug 1, 2012
SIA Testimony on Helium Supply Shortages Impact- August 2012

May 21, 2012
SIA Testimony on Helium Stewardship Act May 2012

Nov 10, 2010
SIA Worker Health Study

Sep 1, 2010
National Academis Report: Selling the Nation's Helium Reserve

May 1, 2009
ACEEE Report

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