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Blog: 04/23/14

Semiconductor Industry Representative Urges Proper Implementation of RandD Tax Credit

by Semiconductor Industry Association

Ensuring the appropriate implementation of tax policies related to the research and development (R&D) credit is of critical importance to the U.S. semiconductor industry. Given our industry’s significant investments in R&D, SIA has long advocated for a strengthened and permanent R&D credit to promote innovation in the U.S.

Blog: 02/12/13

President Outlines Plan to Drive Innovation; Now is the Time for Action

by Semiconductor Industry Association

During tonight’s State of the Union Address, President Obama outlined a plan to create jobs and accelerate America’s economic recovery. As a bellwether of the U.S. economy, the semiconductor industry was particularly encouraged to hear the President call on Congress to support funding for scientific research, fix America’s high-skilled immigration system, and reform the corporate […]

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Blog: 01/22/13

SIA’s 2013 Policy Roadmap Strengthens U.S. Semiconductor Industry, Boosts American Innovation

by Semiconductor Industry Association

With the new year upon us and the 113th Congress now underway, SIA is focused on advancing the U.S. semiconductor industry’s key policy objectives for 2013. Our industry is critical to America’s economic strength, national security and global competitiveness. SIA’s 2013 Policy Roadmap – outlined below – will help keep America at the forefront of […]

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Blog: 02/17/12

A win-win moment for the U.S. technology industry and for taxpayers

by Semiconductor Industry Association

Blog: 07/28/11

Unleashing America’s Potential: Corporate Tax Reform

by Semiconductor Industry Association