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The Semiconductor PFAS Consortium is an international group of semiconductor industry stakeholders formed to collect the technical data needed to formulate an industry approach to per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) based on science.  

The consortium membership comprises semiconductor manufacturers and supply chain members, including chemical, material, and equipment suppliers. The consortium working model includes technical working groups, each focused on:     

  • Identification of PFAS uses, why they are used, viability of alternatives, and release pathways  
  • Application of the pollution prevention hierarchy to (where possible): reduce PFAS consumption or eliminate use, identify alternatives, and minimize and control emissions,     
  • Development of socioeconomic impact analysis, and     
  • Identification of industry research needs.     

Consortium output will better inform public policy and legislation regarding the semiconductor industry’s use of PFAS and will focus research and development efforts. 

The consortium membership is comprised of semiconductor manufacturers and members of the supply chain including chemical, material, and equipment suppliers. For more information, contact the PFAS Consortium at PFASConsortium@semiconductors.org.

Click the button below to access a peer reviewed journal article on the essential use of PFAS in the semiconductor photolithography process:

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